Monday, February 2, 2009

Large Group Meeting Questions

Recently, more than 450 people participated in large group meetings on January 27 and 31, using instant voting "clickers" to register their position on more than 70 questions covering 10 topics. The results are available at

The questions were derived from a series of small group meetings held in October and November, attended by 174 adults and almost 40 high school students from Karen Greene's civic class. The small group meetings were not intended to produce a consensus, but to express a range of goals and visions to be evaluated at the large group meetings.

Below, you will find all of the questions asked at these large community meetings. They are arranged by topic:
  • Demographic/Warm-up Questions
  • Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trail
  • Environmental Quality
  • Housing
  • Economics
  • Historic Preservation
  • Managing Growth
  • Sustaining the Aspen Idea
  • Planning for the Lifelong Aspenite
  • AABC
  • Transportation

Please, feel free to answer the questions by leaving a comment after each topic.

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