Thursday, May 28, 2009

Revised Environmental Quality Goal Statements and Action Items

There are 9 Revised Goal Statements for the Environmental Quality Chapter. Each Goal has a series of Action Items associated with it. This post lists all the goals. The posts below it include each Goal and it's associated Action Items. The Goals are numbered, and the Action Items are lettered.

1. Overall: The Aspen Area will be a state, national, and global leader in environmental quality. This includes investing in renewable energy production and influencing national policy to reduce emissions.

2. Overall: The City and County should provide continued public education and awareness on environmental quality efforts and issues in the Aspen Area.

3. Stormwater: Reduce the amount of urban pollutants in the Roaring Fork River.

4. Water: Ensure consistent water levels (minimum stream flows) in the Roaring Fork River.

5. Recycling: Reduce the amount of waste produced in the Aspen Area.

6. Air: Improve the overall air quality in the Aspen Area.

7. Development: Ensure the Aspen Area has environmentally responsible development.

8. Energy: Reduce the carbon footprint of the Aspen Area.

9. Weed Management: Ensure proper resource management on all land in the Aspen Area.

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Bert said...

Lee Cassin presented to us as an expert in the environmental area. She indicated council requested a quantitative way to apply land use applications to the goal of acting as environmental stewards. I would like staff to write Lee’s concept (and councils request) into either the goal statement or the action item.

Suggestion by Bert