Thursday, May 28, 2009

Environmental Quality - Goals 1 & 2 with Action Items

1.Overall: The Aspen Area will be a state, national, and global leader in environmental quality. This includes investing in renewable energy production and influencing national policy to reduce emissions.
a.The City and County should demonstrate leadership in the area of environmental stewardship through improvements and/or retrofitting existing public buildings with renewable energy sources, efficiency improvements, and stormwater best management practices.
b. The City and County should influence other energy providers in the area to provide more renewable energy instead of coal powered energy.
c. Pursue collaboration among governments, businesses and non-profits that enable the Aspen Area to become a center for innovation in green design, energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies and national environmental policies.
d. The City and County should adopt and refine a strategic plan(s) related to Environmental Quality. The strategic plan should address ways to improve water quality and quantity, minimize the impacts of stormwater runoff in the Roaring Fork River, improve air quality, minimize the carbon footprint of the Aspen Area, and ensure all development in the Aspen Area is done as environmentally friendly as possible.

2.Overall: The City and County should provide continued public education and awareness on environmental quality efforts and issues in the Aspen Area.


Bert said...

Review of Energy - Exhibit B, Para 1, Sec b, states

“instead of coal powered energy”

this should be instead of non-renewable (or carbon) energy. That way we address not only coal but also the natural gas drilling on the western slope.

Suggestion by Bert

Bert said...

Review of Energy - Exhibit B, Para 1, Sec C, states

“governments, businesses and non-profits”

individuals should be added so as not to exclude collaboration with people that are not part of the government, a business or a non-profit.

Suggestion by Bert