Thursday, May 28, 2009

Environmental Quality - Goal 5 with Action Items

5. Recycling: Reduce the amount of waste produced in the Aspen Area.
a. Increase the amount of recycling and effectiveness of recycling, including diverting most construction and organic waste from the landfill.
b. Implement programs to significantly increase recycling and reduce waste. Aspen’s recycling rate should meet or exceed the national average because all businesses and residents will recycle whenever possible. All residents and businesses should have recycling pick up of at least the 4 basic commodities (office paper, comingled, magazines/newspaper, and cardboard) and use this service.
c. Ensure adequate facilities exist in the City and County to accommodate increased recycling.
d. The City and County should collaborate to develop system for food waste pick up and a permanent food waste compost operation at the landfill.
e. All events in the Aspen Area should meet the zero waste and low impact requirements established by the ZGreen Program.


Bert said...

Review of Energy - Exhibit B, Para 5, Sec b, states

All residents and businesses should have recycling pick up and use this service.

First, I don’t recall seeing this sentence before and second, why force people who take their recyclables and garbage to the landfill themselves to sign up for curbside recycling? How many people don’t have a regular provider?

Suggestion by Bert said...

I think the recycling pick up meant that the trash service picks up curbside, not to take it to the landfill.

I think we should add glass, plastic, steel, and aluminum, comingled, in the minimum recycle group.