Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Revised Aspen Idea Goal Statements

Aspen Idea Revised Goal Statements

Goal Statements

1. A sustained cultivation of the arts and culture is a core element of the Aspen Area’s identity -- enriching the quality of life for the Aspen community, reinforcing its national and international profile and diversifying its arts and culture economy.

2. Through collaboration, local non-profit groups and businesses can illustrate how they are honoring and carrying forward the Aspen Idea through dramatically improved outreach to those who live, work, play or visit in the Aspen Area.

3. As mind, body and spirit are fully integrated parts of a whole and balanced person, local non-profits and businesses have an opportunity to integrate their offerings together to reflect the Aspen Idea. This approach can rebuild local enthusiasm for the Aspen Idea, provide common ground to reduce unintended stratification in the community and diversify our visitor base.

4. Aspen at its best represents a place of education, personal improvement and new experience.

5. The future potential expansion or development of arts and cultural facilities should:
• Provide multi-purpose space for the Aspen Area community;
• Integrate the wide range of people who live, work and play in the Aspen Area;
• Reach outside the facility and into the public realm, making art and culture visible in the community;
• Facilitate meaningful and affordable local participation and local talent;
• Emphasize reuseable materials and renewable energy;
• Collaborate with other non-profit groups to broaden the purpose of public space;
• Maintain high quality facilities.

6. Sustaining the Aspen Idea should be a goal that is shared by local governments as well as a wide range of local organizations. Public-private partnerships can lead to a myriad of opportunities that could strengthen the Aspen Idea.


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