Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aspen Idea Revised Action items

Aspen Idea Revised Action items

Action Items
1. Local non-profit organizations should explore reconvening a local Council on the Arts to promote collaboration and mutual support between arts and cultural organizations. The mission of such a Council on the Arts could include methods to better integrate the wide range of people who live, visit and play in the Aspen Area, to establish a more powerful web-based “information outreach and clearinghouse,” to explore shared housing opportunities for visiting artists and other mutually beneficial purposes.

2. Local non-profits and businesses should explore integrating their offerings into a package of activities and experiences that reflect the balance of mind, body and spirit, clearly carrying forward the unique heritage of the Aspen Idea.

3. Explore options for the housing of visiting artists to assist local non-profit organizations in their effort to produce special events. Options include an ADU database available to non-profit groups.

4. Propose amendments to the City Land Use Code to include standards to ensure that community needs with respect to Arts, Cultural and Educational facilities are addressed when facility expansion and/or development is proposed. Future expansion or development of Arts, Cultural and Educational facilities should:
• Provide multi-purpose space for the Aspen Area community;
• Integrate the wide range of people who live, work and play in the Aspen Area;
• Reach outside the facility and into the public realm, making art and culture visible in the community;
• Facilitate meaningful and affordable local participation and local talent;
• Emphasize reuseable materials and renewable energy;
• Collaborate with other non-profit groups to broaden the purpose of public space;
• Maintain high quality facilities.

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