Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Imagine it is 10 years from today. There have been great strides in the valley’s transit system. What does it look like? Is it buses or a rail system? Either way, assume you use the system regularly: Describe the experience of using this service. What has improved?


aspgard said...

We have a fast, convenient, pleasant rail transit system serving the Highway 82 spine with feeder buses bringing people to the rail system. We finally reached consensus so were able to build this system before peak oil really hit and everyone else in the country was competing for federal funds. It kept our tourist economy vibrant when people couldn't get to other resorts. It let us retain employees and protect our environment.

Anonymous said...

Speaking in groups on Tuesday in the Transportation group we talked about commuters from down valley. The new construction that was just done for that new bus lane I feel that it has not done anything for anyone but the bus. It has also just made the traffic at the Buttermilk light even worse. The bus is not convenient for everyone so I think there needs to be more reward for carpooling also.

S. Buts
Aspen High School