Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aspen Airport Business Center

Imagine it is 2018. You have been in charge of everything that happens in the Aspen Airport Business Center for 10 years. What is the “identity” of this neighborhood today? Is it a satellite of Aspen or more like a small town? Why?


Nick said...

The Aspen Airport Business Center is similar to that of a small town. It has all the essentials such as bank, market, gas station, restaurants, and retail services. In terms of what happens to the AABC in the future, I imagine it still retaining the quaint feeling it holds today, keeping on to the vision that John McBride had for the district. Though I imagine, a face-lift would be needed for the buildings themselves. Keeping the same size as they are now, but making them more enviornmentally efficient and modern architecture infused into the AABC. It will continue to thrive as a community of of Aspen, and for the long run enhance and continue the sucess it has become.

Brianna said...

The Aspen Airport Business Center is will be a satelite outside of Aspen because it will have the small town feel and relationship with Aspen that it does today while aslo existing as a seperate area for Aspen employees, a small hotel right across from the airport, and the many restaurants and buisnesses that make it unique. However, due to the fact that the majority of its residents work in Aspen and its community feel, it still is so closely related to Aspen and will not have expanded enough to be compleatly its own small town.

lindsey said...


In the future I see the Aspen Airport Bisiness Center much like it is today. There will not be any buildings taller then what there is now, there will be no hotels and no parking garages. The aspen airport services many tourists but I want the small town feel to stil be there. The airport itself should not get any bigger. It is easy to use and in the perfect location. Inoder to help our environment there should be easy access shuttles that are electiral from town to the airport so there is not so much traffic and hotel vans going back and forth. In the future i hope that the AABC continues to develop into a clean, and useable area to everyone.