Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Imagine it is 10 years from today. You have been in charge of downtown Aspen for 10 years. You have done whatever you wanted, regardless of the landlords, the City or anyone else. Walk me through your new downtown Aspen. What do you see? Describe the buildings, the stores that are here, the parks, the people, the feeling. What has changed? What hasn’t changed? What are you most proud of?

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jesse garcia said...

Aspen is great in that it meets certain needs of the people. However what if we expanded Aspen so that it could meet every possible need people might have. In the group discussion that we had at school we discussed possibilities that we could see in Aspen. Many of the people said we need there to be "more to do" in Aspen besides skiing.

For example many of us were in favor of seeing more lunch restaurants in Aspen. Since we are youth we enjoy socializing while eating something at a great price. Being that there are only a few places where us youth can grab a quick bite such as Johnny's and Big Wrap we favor more small fast serving restaurants.

I think this would be a great addition to Aspen because it would make Aspen a more enjoyable place for the local youth and the tourists who not might want to sit down at a restaurant where thy have to wait for a waiter to take their order.

Jesse Garcia